Who should attend

The Online Learning is designed for enterprise professionals of every discipline including non-information disciplines as well as information disciplines.The Online Learning addresses the subjects that both enterprise professionals and information professionals must understand to operate effectively in collaboration in the Information Age environment.

For enterprise stakeholder

CIOs Enterprise Architects Business Process Managers
Data Architects Business Analysts IT Architects
Process Architects Application Architects Solution Architects
Software Architects Technology Architects Project Managers
Systems Analysts IT Strategists Business Strategists
Corporate Planners Programme Managers Quality Managers
Chief Architects CEOs Entrepreneurs


8 reasons why you must have this online learning series?

  • 4 key myths +

    What are the 4 key myths about the Enterprise Architecture & how to avoid the trap?
  • Enterprise Architecture +

    How to effectively use Enterprise Architecture for solving enterprise problems? 5 steps to business process improvement or how to derive
  • Limitations +

    Learn limitations of the classical approaches (including Enterprise Architecture)
  • Create Enterprise Composite models +

    How to create enterprise composite models for creating the necessary enterprise X-ray for the problem solving.
  • Creating Enterprise Anatomy +

    How to separate primitives from existing composite models for creating enterprise anatomy
  • Compare Time and Costs +

    Compare the time and costs associated with classical problem-solving approach vs ontology driven approach.
  • Composite Models & Traceability +

    Visual diagnosis for effective enterprise treatment using relationship matrix, performance indicators, Composite Models & Traceability
  • Over 70 questions +

    Answers to over 70 questions which you wanted to ask from an enterprise architecture practitioner.
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