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In addition to seeing the presenter's screen, attendees can download the documents, participate by chatting and raising hands. A timer helps everyone keep track of time during tests and breaks.


8 reasons why you must have this online learning series?

  • 4 key myths +

    What are the 4 key myths about the Enterprise Architecture & how to avoid the trap?
  • Enterprise Architecture +

    How to effectively use Enterprise Architecture for solving enterprise problems? 5 steps to business process improvement or how to derive
  • Limitations +

    Learn limitations of the classical approaches (including Enterprise Architecture)
  • Create Enterprise Composite models +

    How to create enterprise composite models for creating the necessary enterprise X-ray for the problem solving.
  • Creating Enterprise Anatomy +

    How to separate primitives from existing composite models for creating enterprise anatomy
  • Compare Time and Costs +

    Compare the time and costs associated with classical problem-solving approach vs ontology driven approach.
  • Composite Models & Traceability +

    Visual diagnosis for effective enterprise treatment using relationship matrix, performance indicators, Composite Models & Traceability
  • Over 70 questions +

    Answers to over 70 questions which you wanted to ask from an enterprise architecture practitioner.
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