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Is it ok to create a BPMN diagram and store in row 2, column 2 in Zachman framework? I see the example given by tool vendor having a BPMN diagram?
How practical is to derive strategy primitives? Is it very time-consuming? Can you explain why do we need the primitives?
How quick and easy is it to get the dependency graph, such as relationship matrix or traceability diagrams? Is it key to prognosis?
Is it possible to work on 30-45 day enterprise architecture delivery cycle? Is it feasible?
How many known enterprise disorders today? You showed us some 9 or 10?
Can you explain how the framework helps in creating the x-ray for diagnosis of a problem?
Why we can’t create an enterprise x-ray in minutes to solve one or more problems?
Are you saying that we should not call “multi variable” model as “architecture” model? And what is failing is not “enterprise architecture” but the skewed understanding of EA? Is it correct?
What’s the difference between Zachman Framework and other frameworks such as TOGAF, DoDAF, etc.?
Why does anatomy driven approach to new product or service design so important? I see you emphasizing on it quite a lot.

Questions related to ontology?


Question related to limitations in current methodologies in solving enterprise problems?

Questions related to primitive models and zachman framework

Questions related to Zachman Framework

Questions raised by Myths and their worries about Enterprise Architecture?


Six Q&A Videos

  • Why Zachman Framework is an “ontology”? +

    Q2.Can you explain the “ontology” thing? Why Zachman Framework is Read More
  • Benefits of having strategy primitive models or business process primitive models. +

    Q6.Do you see any advantage of having primitive models? Can Read More
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8 reasons why you must have this online learning series?

  • 4 key myths +

    What are the 4 key myths about the Enterprise Architecture & how to avoid the trap?
  • Enterprise Architecture +

    How to effectively use Enterprise Architecture for solving enterprise problems? 5 steps to business process improvement or how to derive
  • Limitations +

    Learn limitations of the classical approaches (including Enterprise Architecture)
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