Online Learning Series: Total 12 hours

In this three-part series, Sunil Dutt Jha will discuss about the enterprise issues & challenges and how to address them. We will detail how to use the enterprise primitives for solving different enterprise disorders.

You will agree that every human being is different, yet they follow a common body structure. Similarly, every enterprise is different, but they follow a common structure, i.e. Zachman framework. In this online learning series, Sunil Dutt Jha will use the Zachman framework as an enterprise ontology (similar to periodic table) to work on several business problems.

Of course, there is no end to the prevailing confusions and myths in the industry about Enterprise Architecture. Zachman Framework is “enterprise ontology” and not just taxonomy (Top 21 Zachman Framework Myths – Busted). The framework is ontology, i.e. complete set of things that makes the enterprise, similar to “Periodic Table.” All the compounds (chemical) which exist on planet Earth can be created by mixing the primitive elements (of periodic table). Similarly, all the enterprise composites are possible by combining the primitive cells in Zachman Framework.

In particular, Sunil Dutt Jha will take the problems like process improvement, strategy change and application rationalization due to recent merger & acquisition etc. This series will also include how to identify multiple parameters and create a dependency model for Disaster Recovery. Furthermore, you will see a sample about how to quickly identify the factors for process improvement related to Human Resource Department etc.


Growing enterprise opportunities
Enterprise Disorders & limitations of current approach
Zachman Framework & Primitive Models
Sample – Strategy primitive models
Sample – Business process primitive models
Busting biggest myth about Enterprise Architecture


Module 2

Sample Problem – Application Rationalization arising out of Acquisition & Merger
Identify the cells responsible for the problem
Identify the primitives for each cell
Creating the composite models – 11 departments
Sample – Finance Department models, composites, relationship matrix, performance indicators
Composite Models & Traceability


Module 3

Relationship Matrix, GAP Analysis & App Maturity Index
Current status of Baseline Architecture v1.0
Timeline, Effort, Cost Estimations & Benefits
Sample case 2 : Which cells are key to define the Disaster Recovery Plan
Sample case 3 - HR ::Resource Request Process
Visual diagnosis for effective enterprise treatment

Online Learning Series

  • Module 1 +

    Diagnosis & Corrections of Enterprise Disorders using Zachman Framework online learning series - Part 1 Enterprises have injuries. Let’s look Read More
  • Module 2 +

    Diagnosis & Corrections of Enterprise Dis-orders using Zachman Framework online learning series - Part 2 Sample Problem definition – Application Rationalization Read More
  • Module 3 +

    Diagnosis & Corrections of Enterprise Dis-orders using Zachman Framework online learning series - Part 3 Relationship Matrix, GAP Analysis App Read More
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8 reasons why you must have this online learning series?

  • 4 key myths +

    What are the 4 key myths about the Enterprise Architecture & how to avoid the trap?
  • Enterprise Architecture +

    How to effectively use Enterprise Architecture for solving enterprise problems? 5 steps to business process improvement or how to derive
  • Limitations +

    Learn limitations of the classical approaches (including Enterprise Architecture)
  • Create Enterprise Composite models +

    How to create enterprise composite models for creating the necessary enterprise X-ray for the problem solving.
  • Creating Enterprise Anatomy +

    How to separate primitives from existing composite models for creating enterprise anatomy
  • Compare Time and Costs +

    Compare the time and costs associated with classical problem-solving approach vs ontology driven approach.
  • Composite Models & Traceability +

    Visual diagnosis for effective enterprise treatment using relationship matrix, performance indicators, Composite Models & Traceability
  • Over 70 questions +

    Answers to over 70 questions which you wanted to ask from an enterprise architecture practitioner.
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